Friday, February 27, 2009

In Brief

The last two months has flown by as we began the work that I had been preparing for over the previous six months. From the 2nd through the 6th of February we had a training for 25 teacher, 17 of which will be using the curriculum materials and receiving support through GADRA Education. My role in the process was to book the venue, catering, and accommodation for the trainer and staff, and ensure all the teachers arrived safely to the venue. The primary training was done by Hazel who did the training in isiXhosa for the teachers. The training was a success, there were kinks being my first event plan, but they provided further opportunities to engage the teachers I am working with. Having the training by Hazel a seasoned veteran of Molteno materials was a true blessing. Hazel did the initial 5 day training and my job is to do the follow up in the classrooms, ensuring the materials are being taken care of, the teachers are confident with their abilities, and ensuring everyone is doing their job. This has been no simple task with 10 schools with 17 teachers, but the teachers have been willing. So that has been work in a nutshell. More later on some of the indications of a successful intervention.