Saturday, August 30, 2008

Quick update

Just a quick update for y'all. I am back in Grahamstown, picking up where I left off. My new job is exciting and is a big part of what motivates me every day. Being able to use privileges to support others is an amazing thing. Having a car has been an incredible opportunity to support the lives of this community, giving rides to Narcotics Anonymous, offering rides too and from the townships, and being able to invite people over for dinner from the township who otherwise would not be caught dead walking in the townships at night.

I came back to Grahamstown in fire season and fire nearly took out the monastery I work at. Seeing the regrowth has been pretty amazing to watch though.

I feel like I came back from my month away and my students from the Monastry had grown up. At the beginning of last year it was a struggle to get the kids to do any work, and I had to bribe them practically to stay busy. Now they know how to get to work and want to do well.