Friday, November 23, 2007

Guitar Lessons with Andrew

Here is something funny: most of my pictures are taken while I am wearing the same sea foam green shirt. Andrew is my guitar teacher. We meet every Wednesday at 12:45 on High Street.


This picture does not do justice to how beautiful the Jacaranda trees are when in bloom in Grahamstown. If you get above the valley you can look over grahamstown and see this amazing view of little clouds of purple dotting the town.

Look at my big black bass!

High Veld

This is a picture of what the high veld looks like. Farming at 6,000 feet elevation on rolling hills/mountains.

Matt Kellen

This is a photo of my buddy Jason, Joanne's Grandfather and I doing grandfatherly things on the farm in the high veld. Jason is reading the paper, I am doing a sudoku, and Grandpa is building a fire. I always said I was ahead of my time.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello all,
Well, it was a pleasant thanksgiving here in Grahamstown. My digs (house) mates had a thanksgiving dinner in my honor, which was spectacular. I missed home a lot and phoned home at 12:00 pm. I carved the chicken, and helped eat the pumpkin pie. I also tossed the football with Simon a 13 year old in the house I am staying at. I also tried to teach him cribbage..... the card game my grandpa, uncles and father play every thanksgiving.

Matt Kellen